Sustainable Cork Bags

Cork is a totally eco-friendly, sustainable material, with the trees living for around 200 years and the bark taking between 9 and 13 years to grow. Cork can be made into material, known as cork leather or nature's leather. Cork leather, or vegan leather, is one of the most sustainable natural fibres. It is soft to the touch, lightweight and has a unique appearance. It is a perfect alternative to leather and is ideal for making bags, belts, hats and shoes as it is pliable, soft to handle and extremely durable. In addition it is fully biodegradable, antibacterial, waterproof, stain resistant, repels dirt, doesn't stretch, scratch or tear and can be washed in warm water.
Sustainable cork bags
Classic, rectangular shoulder bag
Sustainable cork bags
Classic shopper style bag
Sustainable cork bags
Loose, soft, cork shoulder bag
Sustainable cork bags
Pretty cork and printed fabric handbag
Sustainable cork bags
Wide, low, classic style handbag
Sustainable cork bags
Classic, rectangular shaped handbag
Sustainable cork bags
Loose, soft bag with geometric design
Sustainable cork bags
Loose, soft bag with natural design