Ethical, sustainable, eco-friendly bags from Europe

We inhabit a wonderful planet, living in a world full of beautiful landscapes, fascinating cultures and surrounded by a vast variety of plant and animal life. But, everyone knows that the natural world is under threat. Every day, eight million pieces of plastic pollution make their way into our oceans and the destruction of natural habitats around the world has led to one million species of plants and animals at risk of extinction. Increasing awareness of these problems has led to many governments now banning single-use plastics and there are pressures everywhere to try to reverse the systematic degradation of our planet.

Industrialisation and rampant consumerism have both taken their toll on fragile eco-systems for a long time and we have all been waking up to the part that we have played in creating the problem and the part we must all play in helping to find the solution. A small part of that solution lies in the choices we make about the things we buy. We need to become more aware of the origins of products; more aware of the manufacturing processes involved; more aware of who is making them and under what conditions. We all need to make a concious effort to buy more ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly products wherever we have the choice.

There are many individual artisans and small companies across Europe who make high quality, sustainable bags. At Lusingo, we have located a selection of artisans and small manufacturing companies that are producing a range of different styles of bags that are ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly as well as being very beautiful!

Eco-Friendly Shopping

Ethical, sustainable, eco-friendly products from Europe
Individually, we can do little to influence the 'Big Picture', but we can each take responsibility for our own actions, and try to avoid perpetuating the conditions that lead to this wanton destruction. Our website promotes the idea of 'Responsible Shopping' and features ethical produced bags that celebrate individual skill and sustainable manufacturing. Alongside the endless rows of ugly, polluting, soul-destroying factories, there are many skilled artisans across Europe who know how to make skillfully crafted bags with their own hands from sustainable materials. At 'Lusingo', we offer a wide range of ethical, hand made bags, sourced from responsible manufacturers and made from eco-friendly, sustainable resources.

Skilled Hands

Ethical, sustainable, eco-friendly products from Europe
Industrialisation obviously has its benefits, and mass produced products have transformed our lives in many beneficial ways, but it is hard not to value something that has been lovingly made by hand over something that has been churned out thoughtlessly by a machine. There is something about a hand made bag that is immensely satisfying. Perhaps it is knowing that there will always be slight variations in each product, which means that you own something that is totally unique. Perhaps it is the care that goes into something, the attention to detail, the personal investment that an artisan makes in each bag that they produce. It is this care in production, the selection of materials and the process of manufacture that creates an ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly bags.

Building Our Future on an Ethical Foundation

Ethical, sustainable, eco-friendly products from Europe
Children are our future. We all know that. We also know that we have a responsibility to provide them with an environment that is fit to live in. We owe it to our children to try and return the planet to some kind of sustainable equilibrium. We also need to educate them to value the resources available to them and to live their lives in a responsible and sustainable way, even if we haven't always done that ourselves. We can inspire them to appreciate the beauty around them and to value natural, sustainable materials over plastic and to value the way that people are treated and the way that materials are selected in order to make sure that products are ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly.

Sustainable Resources

Ethical, sustainable, eco-friendly products from Europe
People around the world are becoming increasingly aware that there are two groups of materials used in consumer products. The first group of materials may be cheaper and more convenient, leading to cheaper and more disposable products. But that has been exposed as a false benefit. The real cost is the negative impact they leave on the world, measured in terms of polution, climate change and the destruction of natural habitats as well as in terms of the social impact on vulnerable communities. The second group is made up of sustainable products. Using these materials shows respect for the environment as well as for the people who harvest them and work with them to create the consumer products we all enjoy. It has become vital that we all recognise these differences and work together to ensure that disposable materials are completely replaced by sustainable, eco-friendly materials as soon as possible and that manufacturers pursue ethical policies that show respect to their people and the environment. The futures of our planet and our children depend on it!

Featured Products from our Store

Roma (dark red)
Large, soft, vintage leather shoulder bag
Ethical, sustainable, eco-friendly products from Europe
Venezia (dark brown)
Bohemian style vintage leather handbag
Ethical, sustainable, eco-friendly products from Europe
Firenze (spearmint)
Soft, comfortable, woven vintage leather bag
Ethical, sustainable, eco-friendly products from Europe
Classic, rectangular shaped handbag
Ethical, sustainable, eco-friendly products from Europe
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